MGM Consulting is here to serve your needs: Today, Tomorrow, and Well Into the Future.  

We provide individuals and companies with breakthrough strategies that have real-world impact on results right now.  We specialize in practical solutions that are easy to implement and have massive impact.  You want results? ... you've come to the right place! 

Training & Development

  • Customized Training to meet your team's needs
  • 1-day & 2-day Workshops
  • Executive Leadership Series (6-part series)
  • Professional Leadership Series (8-part series)
  • Team Development



  • Camp Joy Team Building Events
  • 1/2 day and full-day Team Building conferences

  • Public Conferences
  • Company Outings
  • Author Signings

Workshops Available

Team Development
  • In-Tact Team Development
  • 8-Part Leadership Series

Public Speaking
Executive Coaching

Matthew G. Marvin, M.Ed. is Owner/President of MGM Consulting, an innovative consulting firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio focused on breakthrough strategies that help organizations & leaders perform at their peak.  Matthew is also Author of the highly acclaimed book "Nailed It! 10 Keys to Crushing the Interview"

  • 360° Feedback
  • Myers-Briggs
  • DiSC
  • Facilitating Solution Sessions
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Strengths Based Leadership

    Career Development

  • "Nailed It!”10 Keys to Crushing the Interview" -- Advanced Interviewing Skills Workshop (2 days)
  • "High-Po to Promo!" |  What High Potential Leaders Need to do to Prepare for the Next Level
  • "GPS" | How to Proactively Navigate Your Career to Your Ultimate Destination!
  • "Own It!" Own Your Own Career Planning & Development and Take Charge of Your Career
  • "Goal Setting on Steroids"Effective Goal Setting that Propels You Forward and Sets You Up For Success!


  • DiSC Profiles” | Learn the 4 Primary DiSC Behavioral Styles & How To Effectively Work With All Four Styles.
  • "Performance Coaching & Feedback" | Effective Communication Strategies for Coaching Others to Higher Performance
  • "IMPACT! Advanced Presentation Skills” Workshop” | 2-day Workshop on Effectively Providing Powerful Presentations
  • "Decision Making and Problem Solving" | How to Effectively & Collectively Make Decisions Individually & as a Team
  • "iConnect" | In Our High-tech World, Many People Communicate but Few Connect.
  • "Communication Skills for Supervisors" | (helping Leaders of others to communicate effectively with their team members)
  • “Assertiveness” | Skills, Tips, and Techniques for Gaining Greater Confidence & Asserting Yourself in the Workplace
  • “Client Engagement & Buy-In” | How to get them (internal & external clients) to follow you anywhere

    Individual Development

  • “Time Optimization” | Creating a Culture of Effective Time Utilization & Accomplishing Your Most Important Goals
  • "Slingshot” | Resilience Strategies for Bouncing Back Quickly After a Challenge or a Change
  • "Time Management" | How to effectively manage your time and get more done!
  • "Dealing with Difficult People" | How to Manage Complex & Difficult Relationships
  • “Myers-Briggs” |  Personality Styles and How to Leverage this Information to be More Effective in the Workplace!
  • "Emotional Intelligence” | The Importance and Power of Being Emotionally Intelligent in the Workplace
  • Optional With This Program is a 360° survey “Emotional & Social Competencies Inventory” with 1:1 Coaching


  • "Strengths Based Leadership" | Ensure Your Team is Running on All Four Leadership Cylinders!
  • "Meeting Mastery" | How to Hold Effective Meetings That Leaders Love and Participants Praise!
  • “Bullets, Bouncy Balls, and Barriers” | Success Mentality that Helps You to Break Through Barriers & Reach Your Goals
  • "Cores of Leadership" | The fundamentals principles that must be followed for any leader to truly be effective
  • "Change Management" | "Advanced Strategies for Managing and Leading Yourself and Other Through Change
  • "Engage!” | Practical Principles of Engagement that Create Real Results
  • "Situational Leadership" | How to Effectively Lead People at Varying Stages of Their Development
  • "Behavioral Interviewing" |  Behavioral Based Interviewing and Selecting the Right Candidate
  • "Put Me In, Coach!" | Advanced Coaching Techniques that Lead to High Performance Work Teams
  • "Leadership Styles" | Understanding Your Leadership Style and How to Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness
  • "iLead” Leadership Series | 8 half-day workshops that teach principles of effective leadership
  • "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" | (by Patrick Lencioni): Insight & Understanding of What Makes a Team Function or Fail.
  • "True North" | The Principles of Authentic Leadership that Help to Build Trust & Credibility
  • "Building Trust" | (What builds trust and what erodes trust quickly – and how to ensure you build trust with others)

    Team Building

  • "StrengthsFinder 2.0" | Team Building Workshop to Learn How to Leverage One Another's Strengths in the Workplace.
  • “Everest Simulation” | On-line Simulation Climb up Mt. Everest (Decision Making/Effective Communication/Teamwork)
  • "Camp Joy Experience" | Experiential learning through interactive exercises at Camp Joy near Cincinnati
  • "ER Approach to Problem Resolution" | Working Together to Quickly & Effectively Solve the Team's Biggest Challenges
  • "STIR!" | An Interactive Culinary Learning Experience Where Team Members Actually Cook (and Eat) a Meal Together


  • "Price Tag" | How to Effectively Clarify and Communicate Your Own Personal Values (or a Team’s Collective Values)
  • "All for One and One for All" | Sharing Your Core Values and How They Can Propel You & the Team Forward!

Matthew G. Marvin consults with leaders across the globe and he is passionate about helping organizations exceed their goals and assisting leaders in experiencing real breakthrough in how they lead themselves & others.

Team Building

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • 360° Feedback
  • Individual Assessments